Why not join the FutureBeat Team?Join a select handful of organizations that have immersed themselves in, and even enjoyed, a unique half-day future-oriented team-building session with Global Futurist Jim Carroll and ex-Scritti Politti drummer and team-building expert Tom Morley.These two individuals, working with their interlocking rhythms, power teams forward by aligning them with their inevitably faster future.They create one 'master beat', so you are ready for what comes next. You leave with a new confidence in group creativity and a team of spontaneity.

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Two unique minds
One unique mission

Since they met, it has been the goal of Futurist Jim Carroll and Rock Star Activator Tom Morley to change the way organizations and teams realize the opportunities of tomorrow.They will inspire your team to align to the realities of tomorrow, today! They will help you to establish your new beat for a faster future through a customized, unique, half-day leadership workshop like none other!

Futurist Jim Carroll

He is booked regularly by CEOs and senior executives of major organizations worldwide, to share his insight on the trends that matter, the strategies that count, and the actions that succeed.He counts Disney, Blackrock, the World Bank, and the BBC among his thousands of global clients.None other than NASA has booked him - twice - for a talk on 'the future of space."He challenges people to think big, start small, and scale fast.He inspires them to align to the opportunities of tomorrow rather than being stuck in the challenges of today.

Rockstar Activator
Tom Morley

Drawing on his background as a professional drummer, Tom delivers an experience that is full of music and humor, unlike any bonding exercise your team will have ever undertaken before.By the end of the session, trust is built (or restored), the rockstar energy in individual delegates is activated, and the team they are in becomes more confident and has the tools to work in harmony. They call it 'measurable results', and he calls it 'being in the groove'.Tom may have a unique style, but he's bang on the money when it comes to getting your team to work passionately together toward a shared vision.

A Unique half-day workshop
An Unforgettable future-team rhythm

Future trends. Creativity. Innovation. Team building.It all comes together in a powerful, information-rich session that will leave your team inspired, excited, and aligned to a new future with unparalleled opportunity

Your Half Day Agenda

An interactive half-day program, with the following structure:

  • We always kick off with a high-energy, high-impact, fun, and motivational 'energy opener' with Tom.

  • We capture that energy with a highly customized, industry-specific trends keynote from globally recognized Futurist Jim Carroll.

  • It's followed by a pre-break 'energy burner' team-builder with Tom - guaranteed to get people up-out-of-their-seats, excited, and eager to move to the next steps!

  • Get moving! Post-break, we launch into a powerful motivational keynote from Tom on the 'rhythm of building a team.'

  • Keeping the rhythm going, we hit you with an interactive workshop with Jim and Tom, which will let you explore the barriers in the way of being 'future fit,' the attitudes that can hold you back, and the pathways that can move you forward.

It's a powerful 1/2 day session that will equip you with a new view of the future, an outline of the team rhythm you did not know you have, and an action plan to exercise your newfound beat!

Two Unique Styles
One Common Vision

To give you the gift of your future rhythym

Their Story

As with so many millions around the world, they met during Covid.A Canadian, Futurist Jim Carroll was busy building a virtual broadcast studio to support his keynote speaking activities online.At the same time, Tom was busy doing the same thing in his home in the UK in order to provide virtual team-building programs. By happenstance, they found each other through an online support group for their virtual studio software.They bonded, sharing a similar mindset of opportunity, hope and growth.Collaborative partners, Jim wrote Tom's story into an entire chapter of his book, "Now What? Reinvention and the Role of Optimism in Finding Your Next Future"Constantly in touch, they have determined it is their life mission to share their unique minds as a creative force to help move creativity-oriented organizations into a faster-future!

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Join the FutureBeats.Club by reaching out to schedule your event now.Leadership meetings in 2023 demand new formats, new ideas, new creativity and new insight.The combination of Futurist Jim Carroll and Tom Morley will provide you with the foundation for a new future.